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Expansion. A History of Worlds

Expansion. A History of Worlds


A History of Worlds is my new large-scale project based on the novels Ganio Warrior, Dyspacer, Illegal Contact and Isolation.

The stories of five humanities that have evolved simultaneously in five different universes will begin to intertwine thanks to discoveries made in the early 39th century and the tragic events that will have taken place in the Necklace system.

I’d like to emphasize that until a certain point in time the five universes were evolving independently from each other. They didn’t and couldn’t interact — at least while natural causes were still at work. The five humanities each followed their own route. Their pasts aren’t bunch of alternative-history scenarios. There is no «twin Earth» — each of the five planets’ histories is unique.

The initial contact was triggered by an alien civilization’s attempt to tamper with the very structure of hyperspace. Faced with extinction, these highly evolved creatures desperately struggled for survival, ultimately changing the very fabric of space and time, triggering the creation of an anomaly that connected the five parallel universes.

The first novel of the series — Shadow of Earth — was published in January 2015 by EKSMO Publishing House, Russia. It tells the story of an interstellar cruiser and its crew on their way into the depths of our Galaxy.

The second book, Contact Zone, was released in March 2015, also by EKSMO.

I’m currently working on the third book of the series, working title The Tiberian.


Andrei Livadny

April 2015

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