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A History of Our Galaxy

Andrei Livadny

A History of Our Galaxy

From the Author:


As of today, A History of Our Galaxy counts sixty standalone novels which cover the history of humanity from the 23rd through to the 39th century.

Their environment is a boundless fictional Universe. The books tell the stories of eighty-three planets and sixteen alien races, showing the reader the ancient truth behind their gradual incorporation into the history of humanity.

The books’ characters will survive the Great Exodus and two galactic wars; they will witness the gradual advent of artificial intelligence, make a wealth of groundbreaking discoveries and get caught up in the complex web of interstellar politics, all the while living their own personal lives that are woven into the fabric of the Universe’s ancient mysteries.

I would like to emphasize that A History of Our Galaxy isn’t set in stone. Its plot evolves together with the people in it as their discoveries take unpredictable turns. As the books unfold, some civilizations sink into ignominy while others reach the zenith of their power. Their relationships with humanity and other alien races evolve over time — gradually revealing the true face and agenda of our Galactic neighbors.






April 2017.

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